Unexpected ally, Taliban sides with Twitter in social media clash

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In an unanticipated development, Anas Haqqani, a key leader of the Taliban, has entered the ongoing social media feud between Twitter and Threads. He publicly stated his preference for Twitter, attributing his choice to the platform’s commitment to upholding freedom of speech. In a Twitter post, Haqqani lauded Twitter’s liberal free speech policies and appreciated the credibility the platform offers, showing his explicit support for Elon Musk’s social media venture.

Unexpected ally, Taliban sides with Twitter in social media clash

Haqqani’s assertion sheds light on the comparison between Twitter and other platforms, notably Meta. The Taliban leader’s tweets highlighted that while Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, imposes restrictions on users sharing their views freely, Twitter allows for more open and broader communication. “Twitter holds two significant advantages over other social platforms. The first is freedom of speech, and the second is the public nature and credibility Twitter offers. Twitter lacks Meta’s intolerant policy. No other platforms can replace it,” Haqqani stated in his tweet.

Maintaining an active Twitter presence, the Taliban frequently updates its ‘Islamic Emirates Afg’ account, predominantly in the Urdu language, and has amassed thousands of followers. This active participation indicates the platform’s crucial role in enabling the group to voice their perspectives despite widespread international condemnation of their controversial policies.

Contrastingly, Meta has branded the Taliban a “Tier 1 designated terrorist organization” and bans its presence on its platforms. A Meta spokesperson relayed to Newsweek that the company prohibits terrorist individuals, organizations, or networks from using its platforms, justifying its policies based on both online and offline behaviors, and significantly, connections to violent activities.

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