Two Egyptian migrants have died and 19 are missing after a boat capsized

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There were two people killed and 19 others missing and presumed dead as a result of a capsized boat carrying Egyptian migrants off the coast of Libya. There were 27 migrants on board the boat. The Department for Combatting Illegal Migration said that the boat was found over the weekend near the northeastern town of Tolmeitha, around 110 kilometers (68 miles) east of Benghazi. There were at least six migrants who survived the shipwreck. A total of two bodies have been recovered, while 19 others are still missing and presumed dead, the report said.

Two Egyptian migrants have died and 19 are missing after a boat capsized

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A video posted on the agency’s Facebook page showed rescuers providing drinking water to an exhausted survivor, according to a report from the Associated Press (AP). It is reported that the boat left from Egypt and capsized off the coast of Libya. It appears that the migrants were sailing towards Europe, which is a destination for thousands of migrants fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa. Every year, tens of thousands of people attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea in an effort to reach the shores of Europe. Over the past few years, Libya has emerged as a prominent transit point for migrants fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.

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