Nutribullet founder launches wellness brand

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Colin Sapire, founder of the NutriBullet and innovator behind personal blending products for more than a decade, announced the launch of wellness brand Beast Health™, and the debut of its design-forward personal blender and hydration system – the B10+.

Nutribullet founder launches wellness brand
Beast Health™ is on a mission to empower users to become Strong Inside™. Beast Health’s flagship B10 Health Blender is a revolution in personal blending, combining incomparable elegance and high-performance technology; and providing the perfect solution for those looking to elevate their nutrition and hydration game.

The B10 Health Blender balances artful design with best-in-class technology to produce the smoothest, nutrient-rich blends imaginable. From the electronic interlock blade system to the thermal safety sensor and innovative 12-rib vessel design, the B10 Health Blender was engineered to elevate customer experience; reducing spills and noise, while maximizing safety and blending efficiency. The B10 Health Blender is extremely versatile, blending up smoothies, health elixirs and cocktails, and pulsing dips, salsas, sauces or even nut butter to perfection in seconds.

The Beast® B10 Health Blender retails for $138. The more comprehensive Beast® B10+ Health Blender and Hydration System retails for $168, and includes an innovative hydration system designed to be used in tandem with the blender to create hydration infusions. The included portable borosilicate glass drinking vessel contains a uniquely constructed infusion chamber for an entirely new hydration experience. Both of these products can be purchased one their website.

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