Northwest China quake leaves 149 dead and two missing

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In a recent update from state media, the death toll from a powerful earthquake in China’s northwestern provinces has risen to 149. This significant seismic event, a magnitude 6.2 quake, struck a week ago, with its epicenter located at the border of Gansu and Qinghai provinces, as reported by Reuters. Gansu, which faced the most severe impact, witnessed the destruction of over 200,000 homes, with an additional 15,000 on the verge of collapse. The quake led to the displacement of approximately 145,000 people in the province. As of December 22, Gansu reported 117 fatalities and 781 injuries due to the quake.

Northwest China quake leaves 149 dead and two missing

Neighboring Qinghai province also suffered considerable losses, with 32 deaths reported and two individuals still unaccounted for as of Sunday evening, local time. Experts have attributed the extensive damage to the quake’s shallow nature, coupled with the region’s soft sedimentary rock composition. These factors intensified the quake’s destructive impact. Local authorities continue to conduct search and rescue operations, prioritizing the safety of those still missing.

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