NMDC showcases impressive AED1.513 billion net profits in nine months of 2023

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The National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) is riding high on financial success. The prominent player in the dredging sector recorded a significant uptick in its net profits for the third quarter of 2023, amassing a staggering AED1.513 billion over the initial nine months. The company’s financial statements have further solidified its dominant position in the industry, demonstrating a breakthrough in growth rates for both revenues and net profits. Revenues for the first nine months shot up to AED11.039 billion, up from AED6.072 billion in 2022, marking an impressive rise of AED4.967 billion.

NMDC showcases impressive AED1.513 billion net profits in nine months of 2023

This stellar revenue and profit growth is a testament to NMDC’s efficient handling and execution of numerous vital projects. Their impactful presence isn’t confined to the local and regional arenas but extends impressively into global markets. Year-over-year analysis depicts a commendable performance by NMDC. The company’s net profits skyrocketed by 115%, from AED703 million in 2022 to AED1.513 billion in the opening nine months of 2023, showcasing an increase of AED810 million. Such financial strides echo NMDC’s operational excellence, coupled with a determined pursuit of their financial strategies that emphasize sustainable growth and consistent value for stakeholders.

Despite a dominant revenue share of 79% from the UAE, NMDC has been successful in tapping into international markets. A significant 21% of their revenue stream flowed from overseas, primarily from nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Looking ahead, NMDC has its eyes set on the last quarter of 2023. With multiple new projects in the pipeline, the company is poised to further bolster its success, aligning with the broader vision of fostering a comprehensive, sustainable cultural evolution in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.

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