Karlmann appears at Auto Shanghai 2023, showing the unique brand fascination

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SHANGHAI, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Karlmann, a futuristic car brand, appeared at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition on April 18, showcasing a comprehensive upgrade to the Karlmann platinum and introducing two models based on Karlmann aesthetic design concepts, Ti Zr Zirconium and Titanium.

Visitors to booth 8A22 will enter the marvels of the Karlmann world, witness three unparalleled interplanetary vehicles and a legendary piano, and learn about the origin and development of the Earth. “Be Unique” is the slogan of Karlmann, which defines the amazing “Karlmann Planet”.  Karlmann is aiming to create futuristic and unique vehicles and lifestyle experiences for global “creatives” who want to break the routine and resolutely refuse to imitate others. Karlmann’s mission is to establish spiritual values and emotional connections with the world’s earliest users, and to be a vehicle for their discovery of new ways of life.

Karlmann believes that each person is unique and incomparable. Like the 118 elements on the periodic table, each one is indispensable, and together they make up our vast and colorful universe. That’s why Karlmann chose to name our product — the Pt Platinum Super SUV, available in four or six seats; the Ti Titanium 6-seat large home and business SUV; and the Zr Zirconium two-door, five-seat polar all-terrain vehicle.

The designers of all three cars use spatial diamonds as the core design elements, and create highly three-dimensional, sculptural organic shapes through the language of diamond cutting. The headlights follow the star-diamond theme and blend perfectly with the body, while welcoming passengers with an emotional greeting that matches the scene. The immersive Stardiamond theme runs throughout the interior, from the dashboard to the center console, redefining the interior, ceiling, and carpet, and allowing the passenger to fully immerse himself/herself in the Stardiamond universe while taking him/her to the mysterious futuristic planet Karlmann.

Apart from the three cars, visitors will also be introduced to Karlmann’s interesting cast of characters and the legendary piano, with more interesting products to be published later.

For more information, please visit http://www.karlmann.com.

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