Government of Jordan holds meeting on price hike, measures to be taken

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During a meeting held at the Interior Ministry, the Jordanian government talked about the price increases and measures taken to mitigate them. Government officials are working to stem the increase in market prices, including those for vegetables, meat, and poultry, said Interior Minister of Jodan, Mazen Faraya.

Government of Jordan holds meeting on price hike, measures to be takenThe price hike is primarily caused by the global wave of high prices caused by the Ukraine crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the high cost of shipping, Faraya said, adding that citizens should be aware of the government’s role in stabilizing prices in the market. As he stressed, it is crucial that the administrative rulers exercise their oversight role and take action on the markets through extensive field tours to ensure that government measures are implemented and that violators are reported to authorities.

According to Faisal Shboul, the Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs, the government measures to cushion the blow of the global price hike were put into place three months ago. The government is lowering customs duties on 40% of basic commodities. In Shboul’s opinion, the current increase in prices can be attributed to a number of economic factors, such as the increase in shipping prices, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ramadan festival, and the Ukraine crisis, both of which indirectly affected the region and the world in general.

Khaled Huneifat, Jordan’s Agriculture Minister, praised administrative rulers for their role in ensuring the market stays in check. He stated that the agricultural sector is continuing to play a major role in the country, praising the farmers, poultry breeders, cattle breeders, and milk producers who worked together to fix prices and not to raise them as a result of the global crisis.

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