Global Media Group Thumbs up for GWM New Energy Products in Australia

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BAODING, China, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, GWM, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China, unveiled its latest new energy products at its global media test drive event in Australia. At the conference of the event, the director in charge of GWM Australia systematically introduced to the media GWM’s determination to develop the new energy market and their ONE GWM overseas strategic plan for NEV products, including the construction of a global R&D layout based on the Forest Ecosystem.

Global Media Group Thumbs up for GWM New Energy Products in Australia

As the test drive event was held at AARC, Melbourne’s prestigious professional test driving venue covering almost all driving scenarios in Australia, thorough testing was carried out then for vehicle driving performance, durability, noise, braking and traction control systems etc.

HAVAL H6 HEV has been firstly launched in Australia. Its increasing sales have allowed the brand to be included in many Australian consumers’ purchase lists as a hybrid model. Through the test drive this time, the media has widely agreed that the model’s hybrid technology, as a well-established technology, will be a strong supporting point to help GWM become a mainstream brand in Australia.

The GWM ORA series made its debut in Australia at the event. The brand’s cutting-edge trendy design and comprehensive product capability have helped GWM ORA win the media’s unanimous praise and recognition in the test drive. At the moment these two pure electric models appeared, the media kept taking pictures of them, as they were first impressed by their streamlined design, and then by their acceleration and smoothness characterized in pure electric vehicles. The media were convinced that the GWM ORA series would wield immense influence over the Australian new energy market.

In Australia, the off-road paradise, GWM TANK300 has remained popular there. The media were earnest to know its intelligent, luxurious, and off-road performance, GWM TANK300 lived up to their expectation and responded with great success in slope climbing and wading scenarios, totally deserving its reputation as the “luxury off-road vehicle”.

After the event, the international media at present were loud in their praise of the activity. They said that this intensive test drive of GWM new energy vehicles had given them the opportunity to experience the leading technologies of GWM in hybrid and pure electric fields and feel GWM’s strength and confidence in the Australian market. Subsequently, GWM organized a conference of more than 100 dealers in Australia to boost their confidence.

At present, GWM has laid out a variety of new energy products around the world, With the new energy models such as GWM TANK series and GWM ORA series coming soon in Australia in 2023.

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