EYouth partners with iMocha to validate user’s learning journey

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DUBAI, UAE, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EYouth, a social enterprise that empowers people with the skills they need to become employable, has partnered with iMocha to validate its user’s learning journey. The partnership will bring to fore the skills dexterity of all users, leading to increased employability.

EYouth partners with iMocha to validate user’s learning journey and gauge skill readiness

EYouth will be using iMocha’s skills assessment library, which has over 2500 skills, to assess learners after each module and validate their learning progress. The EYouth platform has over 1.4 million users and over 300 courses in varied functions like Business Intelligence, instructional design, marketing, and more. Furthermore, a number of organizations use the platform to aid their employees’ learning journey. With this partnership, the platform will be able to create comprehensive skills intelligence of its users; this will enable them to show the prospective employers the validated skills development journey.

Commenting on the partnership, EYouth’s CEO, Mustafa Abd Ellatif, commented, “We needed a partner to gauge learner readiness, and there was no better solution than iMocha. They have got a vast library with cognitive skills, digital, domain specific, and all other kinds of skills we needed to assess the learners. The team has helped us create custom assessments and provided all-round support whenever we needed them; they adapt various levels of quality checks and ensure only the most relevant questions get added to the learning modules. It is vital for our learners to understand job readiness, and iMocha’s assessments have helped immensely in that regard across industries, levels, and verticals. They stay up-to-date on all new, up-and-coming skills to stay ahead of the curve. We truly value our relationship with iMocha.”

Demonstrating validated skills can enhance learners’ credibility and make them more attractive to potential employers. This can be especially important for those who are looking to enter a competitive job market. Moreover, the validation of skills helps individuals to understand their current proficiency level and identify areas where they need improvement. This information is valuable in guiding the upskilling journey and ensuring that time and resources are invested in the right areas.

“EYouth has a proven track record of delivering high-quality content to its users, and we are honored to partner with them and help make a skill-fit world,” said Amit Mishra, CEO and Co-founder of iMocha. “This partnership will help us to reach more organizations and support them in their upskilling and reskilling journey.”

About EYouth

EYouth is the leading EdTech start-up providing online interactive learning programs for youth from 18-35 years old in MENA in order to support them to have the skills required in the labour market and then matching them to the available jobs in the market.

About iMocha

iMocha is the world’s largest AI-powered digital skills assessment platform that helps organizations make intelligent talent decisions. Our platform empowers organizations to properly assess employees as well as job candidates and helps them identify and benchmark their skills-proficiency according to industry/company standards. For more about iMocha, visit www.imocha.io

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