Dante Genomics offers new Rare Disease Health Package to help bring diagnoses to the millions of people living with rare diseases and ending what can be years-long diagnostic odysseys

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New offering will give patients and their families the definitive diagnoses needed and allow them to move forward with a better understanding of their condition –

NEW YORK, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dante Genomics, a global leader in genomics and precision medicine, today announced the launch of its Rare Disease Health Package to revolutionize rare disease diagnosis with whole genome sequencing testing.

Dante Genomics

The Rare Disease Health Package includes pre- and post-telemedicine consultations with specialist doctors, providing access to specialists who may not be available in a patient’s area. Dante removes financial barriers to care by identifying potential treatments and management strategies for rare diseases. The package also prioritizes privacy and security, with a commitment to not selling genomic and personal information and to remain in compliance with all GDPR and HIPAA regulations. The 30X coverage, clinical-grade WGS used in the package ensures high accuracy and confidence in the results that are critical in identifying variants that may be causative of rare diseases or other conditions.

To learn more about Dante’s Rare Disease Health Package, visit dantelabs.com.

Rare diseases are a diverse group of over 8,000 distinct conditions with the majority having a genetic origin, and it is estimated there are 400 million people living with rare disease globally. With rare diseases in particular, early diagnosis is crucial for optimal treatment, care and genetic counseling regarding prognosis and recurrence risk. Recent advances in genetic testing, such as whole genome sequencing (WGS), have significantly increased the likelihood of receiving genetic diagnosis for patients with rare diseases.

“For those people living with a rare disease, an accurate diagnosis is invaluable and the first step in the treatment and management of their condition, and whole genome sequencing is the only solution to deliver the diagnoses these patients are in desperate need of,” said Andrea Riposati, Co-founder and CEO of Dante Genomics.” This approach can save time and money, identify potential treatments and management strategies, and provide closure for patients and their families who are struggling with what can be years long diagnostic odysseys.”

About Dante Genomics

Dante Genomics is a global genomic information company building and commercializing a new class of transformative health and longevity applications based on whole genome sequencing and software. The Company uses its platform to deliver better patient outcomes, prevention, enhanced diagnostics and personalized medicine. The Company’s assets include one of the largest private genome databases with research consent, proprietary software designed to unleash the power of genomic data at scale and proprietary processes which enable an industrial approach to genomic sequencing.

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