CDIAL Halal contributes to Brazil’s continued leadership in Halal exports

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SÃO PAULO, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With almost four decades of experience, certifier CDIAL Halal has contributed to Brazil’s continued position as the world’s leading exporter of halal proteins, as the world’s largest halal chicken certifier, as well as a pioneer and leader in the certification of fish in Brazil.

According to the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CCAB), in agribusiness alone, Brazilian exports to the Arab League totaled $US 17.743 billion in 2022, a 23.06% increase on 2021 and an all-time record. Although many believe halal certification is only used to validate proteins, the halal market is in fact much larger; the certification goes beyond that of general foods, covering categories such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and various types of services.

According to the latest figures from the State of the Global Islamic Economy, the global halal market is expected to grow to almost $US 5.74 trillion by 2024, currently serving 1.9 billion Muslims, whose religion guides consumption activities and habits.

The expertise of the Brazilian industries, along with respect for the Islamic faith and for the Muslim population, from labor to the end consumer, all endorsed by the halal certification, contributed to the country’s leadership in the provision of value-added products for the halal market.

In addition, good sales continue to strengthen Brazil’s position. “We’ve earned the confidence of various nations through the quality, traceability, and competitive prices of our products and the sustainability of our businesses. Our work, for almost 40 years, together with the Muslim community, has enabled us to present the excellence of Brazil’s halal to the world. Currently, our country is the third largest commercial partner with the Arabic countries, only behind China and the United States. We are a leader in what we set out to produce and we have the capacity to serve, as a priority, the current scenario on the halal market and its future growth,” says the CEO of CDIAL Halal, Ali Ahmad Saifi. In this landscape, “CDIAL Halal is contributing to the continued success of that commercial relationship by means of guaranteeing the safety of food, the raising of halal awareness in industries and excellence in the certification, not only of the product, but of the entire production process,” he concludes.

CDIAL Halal – A Brazilian halal certifier, accredited by the world’s leading certifying bodies (GAC, SASO, SFDA, JAKIM, MUIS, MUI, and BPJPH, among others).

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