Canadian legislature laughs after Biden accidentally applauds China

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Canadian MPs laughed when US President Joe Biden corrected himself after praising China’s immigration policies instead of Canada’s. While praising Canada’s stance on migration on Friday, President Biden mistakenly praised China. While discussing U.S. immigration policies at the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Biden made the gaffe.

Canadian legislature laughs after Biden accidentally applauds China

“We are expanding legal pathways for migration, demonstrating safety and humanitarianism, and discouraging unlawful migration that fuels exploitation and human trafficking.” “So today, I applaud China for stepping out…excuse me, I applaud Canada,” Biden stumbled while Canadian Members of Parliament laughed.

Prior to Biden’s address to Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau noted China’s competitive edge. “Economic policy is climate policy is security policy, and China is becoming increasingly assertive,” Trudeau said. No doubt it matters that we turn to each other now to develop a North American market for everything from semiconductors to solar panels.”

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