Bardigiani launches its 2024 F/W Collection on new e-commerce platform, featuring signature “Made in Italy” elegance

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Bardigiani, a made in Italy fashion brand, announces the global launch of its online store. The launch brings their exclusive Made in Italycasual yet elegant style to a worldwide audience, offering a unique fashion experience for both men and women. This marks a significant step in the brand’s journey, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

MENA Newswire: Milan –   Bardigiani, a distinguished made in Italy brand, launches its Fall/Winter collection on for the first time, marking a significant milestone in bringing its blend of Italian craftsmanship and casual elegance to a global audience. The collection, entirely designed and produced in Italy, highlights Bardigiani’s dedication to quality and style, achieved through partnerships with small family-owned Italian manufacturers and artisans.

Mari Kandalaft, Managing Director of Bardigiani, expressed her enthusiasm for the launch: “We are thrilled to unveil our Fall/Winter collection on Our mission is to deliver the authentic ‘Made in Italy’ experience to global audiences. We believe that our unique fusion of casual elegance will captivate fashion-forward individuals seeking both premium quality and distinctive style.”

Bardigianis focus on the MENA region and Europe

There is growing interest in niche and independent brands in the Middle East, a region traditionally dominated by major luxury labels. Bardigiani’s e-commerce launch aligns perfectly with this trend, offering a fresh alternative to the conventional luxury market. The MENA region’s consumers, particularly the younger generation, are increasingly exploring diverse and individualistic fashion choices, making Bardigiani’s entry into this market timely and relevant.

“Our brand is named for a symbol that resonates deeply with the cultural affinities of the MENA region,” says Kandalaft, adding “Just as Bardigiano horses are revered for their strength, grace, and sophistication in Italy, our brand embodies these same qualities in our fashion offerings. This shared admiration for the horse’s attributes beautifully aligns with the MENA region’s longstanding appreciation for Italian elegance and quality.”

Social Media strategy to focus on regions digital-savvy consumer base

The launch of extends an invitation to the MENA region’s fashion aficionados and connoisseurs of quality to experience Italian elegance seamlessly online. This digital venture, complemented by Bardigiani’s robust presence on social media channels like Instagram and TikTok, aligns with the region’s digital-savvy consumer base. This strategy not only enhances the brand’s visibility but also resonates with the modern shopping preferences of the region’s younger demographic.

The collection, featuring shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, jackets, and shoes, is characterized by a sophisticated style that marries comfort with ‘Made in Italy’ elegance. While rooted in classic Italian aesthetics, the designs incorporate contemporary trends and streetwear silhouettes, offering a modern take on traditional Italian fashion.

As the brand continues to grow and expand its presence globally, Bardigiani remains committed to its core values of authenticity, craftsmanship, and timeless style. The Fall/Winter collection is not just a showcase of fashion but a testament to the enduring appeal of ‘Made in Italy’ – a symbol of quality and elegance recognized worldwide.


About Bardigiani

Founded in 2018, Bardigiani is a luxury made in Italy fashion brand specializing in casual wear, footwear, and accessories. Emphasizing ‘Made in Italy’ quality, Bardigiani combines the country’s renowned craftsmanship with contemporary design to offer timeless elegance and style. The brand is committed to Italian quality standards, partnering with Italian manufacturers, and promoting enduring, high-quality fashion.

Contact:  Mari Kandalaft


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